Rian Tha Goat, Nigerians Next Hip Hop Superstar

Rian Tha Goat, Nigerians Next Hip Hop Superstar : Latest Entertainment Gist and Interviews

Ajilore Samuel popularly known as Lil Rian is a Trap/Emo rappper who keeps proving it to his growing fans that he has what it takes to become the next big thing in Nigerian Hip Hop scene.

Rian Tha Goat CitytrendTv.Com
Rian Tha Goat CitytrendTv.Com

He’s not just young and versatile, his ability to lace his lyrics with deep emotions, emotions that grab listeners attention makes him far from the ordinary.

Rian Tha Goat CitytrendTv
Rian Tha Goat CitytrendTv

We at CitytrendTV met with Rian and we took a dive into how it all began and how the journey as been so far…. The interview goes as written below.

CitytrendTV: Rian, how you doing?

Rian: I’m doing good, moving..

CitytrendTV: So for those who are not familiar with you yet, tell us..who Rian really is?

Rian: ‘Lil R!an’ is an artiste, a different one with a different type of music. I make Emo Rap and Trap music.

CitytrendTV: from your name, you’re Nigerian right?

Rian: Yes I am, I’m from Nigeria

CitytrendTV: But you sound alot like Americans, how’s that? Influenced?

Rian: Lmaoo actually i don’t even know if I’ll call it a gift but I’ve never been to America before so It’s an influence something I grew up with, I grew up watching a lot of American movies, music I was just so in love with the American Culture.

CitytrendTV: okay. We took some time to listen to your songs before this interview…and to be honest, they are really good…How did you get all this inspiration?

Rian: I just make music from my heart, I make music that speaks to me, I stopped caring if it’s a hit song it you know a banger… I let the beat direct what I sing so whatever comes out, comes out.

CitytrendTV: let’s dive a little into your origin…where’s the superstar Rian from? Was it a big influence in you as an artiste?

Rian: I’m from Osun state but I grew up in Lagos, Where I lived didn’t really influence my music.

CitytrendTV: now, let’s talk about that amazing body of work titled CANCER. What’s the story behind it?

Rian: Huh actually I didn’t really know we was gonna drop something like that until me n my manager just decided. I make songs everyday that my manager gets tired lol, I send him at least 2 songs every day so he choose the ones he likes, There are a lot of dope songs that should have been in Cancer but you know we just had to pick. I’m a July Born so you know we’re called Cancers. 69 is also a number I saw that kept appearing… I just know it wasn’t just a coincidence.

CitytrendTV: is that your debut? Tell us more…

Rian: no actually Transition is but I gained like a hunnid fans from Cancer, I’m still growing and I’m not satisfied…

CitytrendTV: personally we at GS love the EP. It’s a body of emotions that makes us more interested in Rap… Was that your motive?

Rian: Yes, I’ve always admired uniqueness, I just want to be different, a lot of people said it’s gonna be hard for me because of where I’m from but I don’t care I just wanna do something I love and fans from it

CitytrendTV: Now that CANCER is out and the fans are loving it. What next do you have coming?

Rian: We haven’t decided yet, and school is part of the reasons we haven’t. It’s been tough on me but I’ll survive and also lack of studio, I have to make savings to make music but we’ll figure something out for the fans. We love them so we won’t let them down lol

CitytrendTV: oh really?

Rian: Yea

CitytrendTV: sounds exciting. All been said and done, what else would you like to tell your fans? Wait, do they have a name yet?

Rian: We’re still going through that but we haven’t decided yet, but I think I’ll run a poll on that so we’ll know those that are for us… lol

CitytrendTV: it’s been nice having you. Conclusively, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Rian: Well, First off, school will be out of it, my focus is just to get better and better at what I do… I get scared I might loose it sometimes I overthink a lot lol… we’re still building a plan so we’ll follow through after.

CitytrendTV: wow, that’s beautiful. It’s been a pleasure having you. Thank you for coming through.

Rian: Thank you so much for having me

So there you have it guys, Lil R!an ‘Rian Tha Goat’, the next big thing in the Nigerian Hip Hop scene and without doubt, he’s here to stay.
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