Kabex Endorsed Flippay.co

Kabex Endorsed Flippay.co : Latest Advertistment Sponsor Ads

Flippay.co is a Fin-Tech platform owned by PayNyce Nigeria LTD, a company in Nigeria which is into building and funding of various businesses.

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Flippay.co offer the best rates on gift cards and do not charge its customers on withdrawal and paypal like transfers using registered e-mail addresses of users on the platform.

Their transactions are fast and they have successfully closed the gap of failed bank transactions in Nigeria by enabling instant/milliseconds speed transfers between users on the platform. You do not need to withdraw to your bank if you want to buy airtime or pay your Bills.

Flippay is also constantly improving on its speed and services, few days down the line and you would be able to withdraw directly from your FLIPPAY account to get CASH and also carry out more transactions via the platform without the need of withdrawing to your bank.

Flippay.co is truly the FIAM! FIAM! Gang

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