Acne Host Review (2021)

Acne Host Review (2021) : Latest Host Packages In Nigerian

We’re in the 21st Century where almost everything needs to be online in other to get proper publication and attention.

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IMG 20210419 WA0078

One of the best ways to publicise is through a website..

Whatever the case may be e.g an online store, real estate website, social media platform or even a personal blog.

All this can be made possible online but firstly you need to have a hosting company.

Since you want to house something on the internet you need to pay for a space on the internet the same way you rent a house before arranging your properties in it.

You can’t just live anywhere, you need to have a space of your own.

So in a simpler language your housing company is like your landlord who gives you a space to live in in exchange for a fee.

Today there are various hosting companies all over the world but we’ll be talking about Acne Host.

Acne Host is Nigerian Centered host with it’s database in Germany.

Just like rented houses are different with prices hosting packages comes in different forms and amount depending on the kind of website you need.

Let’s take a look at their hosting packages and prices below;

Shared Hosting

1. Starter ( #199.00 Per Month )
2. Essential ( #550.00 Per Month )
3. Business Pro ( #1,000.00 Per Month )

Cloud SSD Hosting

1. SSD Lite ( #20,000 – Per Year )
2. SSD Swift ( #16,000 – Quarterly )
3. SSD Turbo ( #24,000 – Quarterly )

WordPress Hosting

1. WP-SEO BLOGGER ( #1050.00 – Per Month )

2. WP-SEO BUSINESS ( #2,200.00 – Per Month )

3. WP-SEO EXPERT ( #3,500.00 – Per Month )

Offshore-DMCA IGNORED Hosting

1. Private Offs ( #850.00 – Per Month )

2. Businesses Offs ( #1,950 – Per Month )

E-Commerce Hosting

1. ESTORE | GROW ( #2,500 – Per Month )

2. ESTORE | PLUS ( #2,900 – Per Month )

3. E-STORE | BIG ( #4,500 – Per Month )

Acne Host also provides you with various domain names for affordable prices.

Presently Acne Host gets you a .com domain extension for 2,999 naira which is equivalent to approximately $6.5

To know more about what they have to offer, kindly visit their website

Another amazing offer you can get from them is a month free hosting when you purchase a domain from them.

Another good thing about them is 24/7 support live chat. No matter anytime you message them concerning any errors, they reply quickly.

Now the question in your mind is can I trust Acne Host?

We’ve had a lot of hosting companies that has caused a lot of damages to web owners by shutting down unexpectedly or terminating their websites unexpectedly, etc.

In my opinion Acne Host is a good start to host your website also they are still new.

However I urge you to please read their terms and conditions in other to avoid violating any of their terms and conditions.

Our overall rating by Mylegitinfo Media to Acne Host is 80%

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